Man Caught 'Driving Without A Steering Wheel

November 13, 2015
By tonykempis
A South Australian man is facing charges after he was allegedly caught driving a car without a steering wheel — with just vice grips clamped to the part where the wheel should have been for control.

Police said they pulled over the white Holden in the Adelaide suburb of Gilles Plains after they spotted it driving dangerously with two blown tyres, ABC Online reports.

When officers peered in the window they saw the car allegedly had no steering wheel and the 38-year-old driver was using a pair of vice grips to steer.

When police ran a check on the vehicle they found it was unregistered, uninsured and subject to a defect notice.

It was also allegedly involved in a crash with another vehicle just moments before it was stopped.

The driver from the suburb of Northfield is facing charges of driving while disqualified and returning a positive drug test.

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